Howto use E-Plus BASE UMTS Flatrate with Huawei E220 HSDPA USM Modem and Mac OS X 10.4.x on Intel Macs in 12 steps

E-Plus has a UMTS flatrate for 25 Euro per month. They also offer a Huawei USB Modem with it. I found it more useful that a card since I have an Express Card slot on my MacBook Pro, but only USB on my future MacBook. When I made the contract I wasn't aware that there is only Windows software provided by E-Plus for use with the modem, so it took quite a while to figure out how to connect to E-Plus using this modem and get an internet connection. Here are the steps I used to get it managed:
  1. Get Huawei driver for Mac OS X from It's a Swedish site. The download contains drivers for Intel Macs and a Huawei App (see later in this article).
  2. Before you start you should know that the driver is not compatible with PIN protection. So plug the UMTS SIM card into your phone and disable PIN protection.
  3. Make sure that the Huawei Modem is not plugged into your computer. If it's plugged in you may need to restart your computer.
  4. Select 2_HuaweiDataCardDriver(2.7)-intel.pkg and install it.
  5. Plug the Huawei Modem into an available USB port, wait until the light single flashes green or blue (The light indicator double flashes when looking for a network).
  6. Open the Network Preferences Pane and select 'Show: HUAWEI Mobile'. Specify you service provider name (you can choose what you want), username "eplus" and password "gprs". Enter *99# in the phone number field.


  7. Select PPP Options and uncheck all options under 'Advanced Options'. Configure the 'Session Options' as you want. Click 'OK'.


  8. Click on 'Modem'. In the Modem list, select 'HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem'. Disable 'Wait for dial tone' and check 'Show modem status in menu bar' if you will be using the modem often.


  9. If you don't already have it, download Pacifist, a tool for extracting data from a .pkg. It's shareware, but you can use it without paying after waiting for a few seconds.
  10. Extract HuaweiApp from the package using Pacifist (i.e. by installing it in your Applications folder).

    Pacifist 1 Pacifist2

  11. Open the HuaweiApp and fill in the APN "" and save afterwards. The data will be written back to the modem. E-Plus needs this information in order to establish the connection and send the configuration data via PPP server.


  12. You are now ready to dial up! Open 'Internet Connect' in the 'Applications' folder and click 'Connect', or use the Modem menu in the menu bar if you have activated it (See capture below). There is no need to respecify the APN between sessions. After starting up your Mac, plug the modem, wait until the light single flashes green or blue and select 'Connect' in the Modem menu to be connected. When you have finished, select 'Disconnect' in the Modem menu or in 'Internet Connect'. Wait until the disconnection is finished before unplugging the modem.
Light indicator on the USB Modem: If 3G or HSDPA is not available, the GPRS network will be used instead.

Parts of this howto have been found somewhere in the internet (I can't recall where, sorry). If you have further questions or annotations regarding this specific topic you can email me:
fukami, 12/10/2007